My rights

The law is always simple,

I’m Thibault PETIT.

I am responsible for all content on this site ,
The site only serves the sale of customizable dice online,
The content here is obviously protected by copyright!

I tell your browser to save certain information on your computer so that your experience is more fluid.
These files are Cookies, you can delete them from your computer whenever you want.

I need to record the personal data of my customers to manage their orders,
So I save this data on a secure database,
I have no reason to transmit this data so I agree not to do so.
I will delete this data as soon as it is no longer needed.

The texts you want to engrave on my dice must become my texts to be able to be sold in my name.

For all the other questions that common sense cannot answer, feel free to read these bureaucratic atrocities called legal notices .

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